t. elizabeth renich

author of historical fiction

Gettysburg, Part II

| April 5, 2009

My initial reason for being in Gettysburg on the third weekend in March was the women’s retreat sponsored by Cornerstone Chapel.  It was a great retreat, too, what with the teaching by Gail Mays from Cavalry Chapel South Bay, the worship, and the ladies I met while I was there — a real blessing. The […]

A Reading on the Battlefield

| April 5, 2009

Cornerstone Chapel’s Women’s Retreat was held at the Gettyburg Hotel-1797, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the weekend of 20-Mar-2009.  When it was announced as to where the retreat was going to be held, I was all over that.  I had my registration turned in before the 9:00 a.m. service come the following Sunday.  Retreat in Gettysburg?  Oh, yeah, […]