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Because We Could — A Quick Drive Down to Manassas Battlefield

Today was one of those days when I rejoiced over living in Virginia.  I do love it here, and am thankful to be where there is so much history, not to mention the beauty of this area. 

After finding out we were getting off work early, I called Ginger to see if she was available to do something spontaneous, and since it’s her summer vacation time, she was up for an adventure.  We made the drive down through Arcola on Gum Spring Road, beyond the Braddock Road and turned onto Sudley Road toward the Manassas National Battlefield – because we could, as it is not all that far away.  Knowing it was edging close to a hundred degrees outside, we were glad we’d brought cold water and had the air conditioning on full blast.

 There weren’t many cars out in the middle of the afternoon, though the VDOT road signs warned of “Heavy Traffic” anticipated from today through the 24th – the scheduled commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the first battle that took place at Manassas on July 21, 1861.

We drove to the location of the Stone Bridge over Bull Run, parked, and walked a bit of the trail.  There was shade and a bit of a breeze, and a handful of other people arriving as we were on our way out.  From there, we made our way back toward the intersection of Routes 234 and 29, where the Stone House is situated – and where they took in wounded during and after the fighting.  In between, we stopped to get pictures of the historical markers narrating the action of the battle.  I didn’t mean to scare Ginger with the semi-U-turn, and we got back to the highway just fine…  The Stone House was on her side of the road and so she snapped a handful of photos of the house with its red hospital flag while I kept driving.

A brief stop at Sudley Church and a short walk to the unfinished railroad cut, and that was enough.  We could both say, “been there, done that” – and on the actual anniversary date.  We were back home by 3:00 pm and had noticed that the volume of traffic was already picking up, even before we left the boundary of the battlefield.  Too much fun, from a historical standpoint.  I love it!

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