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The first time I was ever in Massachusetts was in August of 1992 – back when I was with the Chargers, having played the Patriots for a pre-season game at Foxboro.  The bus driver who took us from the stadium to the airport after the game tried to point out some of the more famous landmarks, but in the dark, it was rather difficult to make out the precise locations.

 When I was working on scenes for the Dallingers in NWC and S&G I did some internet research about Boston and looked at pictures and postcards belonging to friends who had vacationed there.  But, I always did want to go back there for myself to see if I had done my research well enough…

 My chance to cross a few states off my “yet-to-visit” list came during the last weekend in March this year.  I took a few days and headed to New England with the intent of checking off Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.  JetBlue brought me to Boston; I just wish that one of my quarterbacks, who lives in the area, would have coached me up better on things like tunnels and toll roads and turnpikes…  Unfortunately, I got to learn the hard way that GPS doesn’t work well when it’s cut off from the satellite.  But I did make two toll-takers smile at me while I was on my way to getting “un-lost.”  That in itself was a major accomplishment, I think!

img_0150img_0142 My first appointment was at the JFK Museum and Library.  I met with a lady in the Audio/Visual Department who helped find photographs and newsreel coverage that will provide details for a portion of the manuscript I’m currently working on.  Upstairs in the archives, I made copies of pertinent pages from their files that will provide accurate details.  It was like a treasure hunt and I came away with great stuff to weave into my scenes.

 img_0174Later that night, I attended my first lacrosse game, at Gordon College.  The daughter of one of our coaches is on the girls’ team; it was an intense game vs. the cross-town rival, and even though I had no idea what the rules were, it was still a treat to be able to watch her play.  It was really cold out on the aluminum bleachers, in spite of socks in my Uggs, layers, gloves, and jacket.  Thankfully, a lady I met in the stands was kind enough to share her blanket with me.  I stayed long enough to speak with Dani after the game, and then I headed back to the motel she recommended near the college campus so I could thaw out.  I was out of there early the next morning, ready for my next day’s adventure.

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