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Four Years Ago

cancer bracelets

May 25, 2005 was the Friday before Memorial Day.  It was a day when I sat in our team doctor’s office after a bunch of tests at the hospital, and he was telling me that I was very sick…  my diagnosis was ovarian cancer.

Four years later, I am still here.  Through the surgery, the chemo therapy, losing my hair and having it grow back.  Through the weight gain, neuropathy in my feet, the exercise program, the follow-up.

Only God is able to bring good out of something that seems so bad, and I’m thankful that He used my cancer to help me not only grow to know Him better, but also to help other people. 

Today, on Memorial Day, I got out my bracelets.  The burgundy colored one was one of those that the Redskins had made for me when Coach Gibbs and Coach Williams announced to the team that I was sick.  The word “Believe” and my initials (TER) are inscribed on it.  They were worn by coaches, players, and support staff as a reminder to keep me lifted up in prayer.  Prayers that God answered according to His will.  I figure He must still have something for me to do, to bring glory to His name. 

The teal colored bracelet is representative of ovarian cancer and reads:  “It whispers, so listen!”  The symptoms of ovarian cancer are not always apparent and can often be construed as other maladies due to the overlap.  I was fortunate to have been diagnosed at Stage I, while Dr. Casolaro, Dr. Falo, Dr. O’Regan, Dr. Barnes, and Dr. Feigert could still do something about it.  For them and all they have done for me, I am grateful.  Grateful, too, for all my family and friends who supported me through those months, and who continue to care about me.

In addition to remembering our troops today, I’m also remembering the many people I know who are either cancer survivors themselves or currently battling their own types of cancer.  Some friends have died of their cancers, but I take comfort that God is in control.  He loves us so much!

Remember the word to Your servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope.  This is my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life.  (Psalm 119:49-50)


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