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Daniel Silva and me before kickoff of the Redskins-Buccaneers Game on October 4, 2009

Daniel Silva and me before kickoff of the Redskins-Buccaneers Game on October 4, 2009

I get to do some very interesting things and meet some very interesting people in my line of work.  On home game Sundays, I am available “on-call” in case I am needed.  Occasionally, I assist with escorting family and friends of our head coach’s wife from her suite to the sidelines prior to games, and I’ve also been a “tour guide” for our assistant coaches’ wives and families on the way to the field-level reception room where the post-game meetings are held.  Mostly, I’m there as moral support.

Silva-The Defector Book CvrOn the Sunday that we played the Buccaneers, one of the guests in Mrs. Zorn’s suite was New York Times Best-Selling Author Daniel Silva.  I recognized Daniel’s name from seeing his books in Coach’s office, and from hearing rave reviews of his work from our assistant coaches who have read many, if not all, of his titles.  Sarah and Dani also had good things to say about his stories.  To have a chance to meet Daniel and chat with him for a few minutes prior to kickoff was an honor.  I had to confess that I’ve not (yet) read anything he has written (he is considered a master of intrigue and espionage) and I explained to him how I had written four historical novels set during the Civil War — knowing he hasn’t (yet) read any of my work — which contain a thread of a spy story woven through Salina’s tale.  Daniel was very kind and offered some encouraging words — both about writing and about football.  (After our second meeting, he took a set of my Shadowcreek Chronicles home with him as a gift for his daughter, who I understand loves to read, so I hope she will enjoy them.)  I have added him to my reading list for the off-season. 

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