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My 3rd Trip to Ireland

A week ago, I was changing planes in Newark and arriving home from a “brilliant” trip to Ireland.  Of course, the time went so fast, but it was such fun to spend time with friends and have a learning experience.  But, instead of telling the last part of the story first, I’ll go back to the beginning and give the day-by-day:

Tuesday, 25-Jan-2011

In 2008 all I brought with me to Ireland was in a carry-on and a "rucksack." I did the same for Israel in 2010, and again this time to Ireland. I just have a problem paying baggage fees...plus, if I can't carry it, then I should't bring it.

Barb provided “taxi service” to IAD.  I had everything packed in my carry-on and backpack (aka “rucksack”) because I refuse to pay extra for checked baggage.  I got a great deal on airfare – definitely off-peak, not the height of tourist season – and had friends and family praying that the weather would be fine for me on my journey.  I left IAD on a small plane to EWR (Newark-Liberty Airport – where I had a 5.5 hour layover) and then had no one sitting in my row with me on the flight from EWR to Shannon.  That was nice because after being served dinner and watching some NCIS reruns on the in-flight entertainment system, I put up the armrests, stacked the pillows below the window and curled up to sleep for a bit.

The purpose of this trip was to visit Bernadette, meet her fiancé, Leonard, and spend some time with her family (mom-Mary, dad-Pakie, sister-Frances, brother-Colm).  The last time I’d seen the Whelans was on my trip in 2008, so it wasn’t quite three years ago since I’d stayed with them.  This time, however, I’d contacted the library in Galway ahead of time to let them know I was coming and to see if someone there could help me with research that started in 2008 at the Galway City Museum near the Spanish Arch, continued up at the JFK Library in Boston, and was now extending back to Galway and Eyre Square again.  This would be a fact-finding, detail-digging sort of adventure, too…

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