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Wednesday, 26-Jan-2011

Sunrise hadn’t yet put in an appearance by the time I arrived at SNN.  Bernadette was there to meet me at the airport in Shannon.  Of course, the first thing I did was try to get in on the “wrong” side of the car…  It’s just weird to sit on the “passenger” side (which is the driver’s side in America) with no steering wheel in front of you.  And, then there’s that driving on the “wrong” side of the road – takes some getting used to.  I won’t even go into the roundabouts…too scary…

After breakfast at the Whelan house and a trek in borrowed wellies to see the horses down by the sheds, Bernadette drove us from Ballindive to Liskevin, still in Ardrahan but maybe about 4 miles (6 minutes or so) away.  I got to meet Leonard in person, though it seemed like we sort of knew each other already, from Bernadette’s stories of him as well as seeing him on “Shkype.”  I got the grand tour of the new gravel driveway and the concrete foundation (including the conservatory and garage – which rhymes with carriage) of where the house they are building is going to be.  The wedding isn’t until February 4th of next year, so they are hoping everything will be done by the time they get to move in.  They showed me plans and features and it’s going to be a neat place when the building phase is complete.

Later on, we went into Gort, saw where the internet café is located and had lunch with Bernadette and Frances at the Lady Gregory.  This is the hotel where the wedding reception will be – it’s very nice and will make for nice pictures on their special day.

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