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Guests at Gunnell Hall

Capital Christian Writers Group Meeting (14-Mar-2011)

Tamela Hancock Murray, author and agent with Hartline Literary Agency, was the speaker at the March 14th meeting of the Capital Christian Writers in Fairfax.  I invited Ginger, one of the ladies from our Bible Study group through church, to be my guest and join me for the meeting.  Incidentally, Ginger ran into someone there from her old church, so she wasn’t exactly among strangers.  We both learned some new things from Tamela’s presentation and it was interesting being able to hear her answers to various questions.  The more time I spend around other authors, the more I realize that there is always a story behind the story of how manuscripts get published, and no two are exactly identical. 

Trish Perry was also present at the meeting.  It was nice to see her that night since I hadn’t seen her since I joined CCW back in 2009.  I look for her at church from time to time, but Cornerstone is a big place and lots of people go there.  Trish is a contributor to a collection of devotions written by several authors entitled Delight Yourself in the Lord…Even on Bad Hair Days.  A portion of the proceeds are designated for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Her newest release is a novel called Unforgettable, set in the early 1950’s.  It just came out in March and I’m going to have to find out more about it for myself.  When I’ve finished reading it, I’ll add it to my “book reports” under my Read & Reviewed tab.

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