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“The Last Fall” Book Signing at The Christian Shoppe in Purcellville

A few weeks ago I read a novel by Jay Blevins called The Last Fall (see Read & Reviewed page).  Last night, to my surprise, I got an e-mail from Jay himself, thanking me for the review and telling me he was having a book signing in Purcellville on Saturday morning (April 9th).  Since my book signing at the Very Virginia Shop in Leesburg isn’t until Sunday, April 10th, I took the opportunity to drive over to the Christian Shoppe in order to meet Jay.

It was so nice to talk with him one on one, discuss his novel, his plans for a next project, figure out how many people we know in common, plus the fact we both attend Cornerstone Chapel.  Jay’s enthusiasm is contagious and his encouragement much appreciated.  I always find it interesting to learn things from fellow authors.

He introduced me to the owners of the Christian Shoppe, Dave and Jami, and I gave them the same information I’d shared with Jay about my Shadowcreek Chronicle books.  We’re going to talk about the possibility of doing a future book signing there.  If you’ve never been to the Christian Shoppe — I hadn’t, so Jami gave me the grand tour — next time you’re in Purcellville you should stop.  They have turned a neat old house into a resource for Bibles, books, greeting cards, art and items by local artists, and much more.  You can even get a cup of coffee or tea in the kitchen.  Turns out, Dave, Jami, and I know someone in common, too.

If you are looking for a good, insightful book that has the potential to change your perspective, give The Last Fall a try.  I think you will like it.

Visit Jay Blevins/The Last Fall at http://www.thelastfallbook.com/the-book/ and The Christian Shoppe at http://www.thechristianshoppe.com/.  They are located at 161 N. Hatcher Avenue, Purcellville, VA — 540-338-5380

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