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Return from the Holy Land

I am amazed at how quickly the past year has passed.  A year ago today (30-Jun-2010) Barb and I, along with the rest of our fellow travelers on the Israel trip sponsored by Cornerstone Chapel, were on our way home from Tel Aviv via Frankfurt.  We spent ten days meeting new people and seeing old places.  Bible studies with Pastor Gary and Pastor Andy, traversing the country of Israel in places known to have been visited by Jesus and His disciples, Paul, King David and King Solomon, Elijah, Abraham, Gideon, and a host of other characters found in the pages of my Bible.

Me and Barb near the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

Pastor Gary had given us a list of scriptures pertaining to the places on our itinerary.  It took me three weeks to go through all of them and I used a light blue gel pen to underline the verses and passages.  Once we were there in Israel, I dated the underlined places in the margins — now, when I come across these notations, I have fun memories of having been there, done that.

Soldiers at a stop on the way to Jerusalem

I took hundreds of pictures, and ended up with two 12×12 sized photo albums to which I added postcards and little momentos as keepsakes.  It was definitely a memorable trip, and it changed the way I read my Bible.  Our tour guides, Tisha and Ronnie, were awesome and really knew their stuff.

Synagogue at Capernaum: Me with my two teachers (Pastor Andy and Pastor Gary) in a place where Jesus taught

Vardit and I exchanged messages and phone calls, but unfortunately we weren’t able to meet up in Jerusalem.  Our days were full of activities.  Some places reminded me of the terrain in Southern California, where I grew up.  Galilee, in the north, seemed much greener than the desert in the south.  Masada was very impressive, even though it was 104 degrees the day we were there.  Tiberias, Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Caesarea, Capernaum, Arbel, the Golan Heights, Gethsemane, The Garden Tomb, En Gedi, the Dead Sea, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem…and more.  I learned a lot and

I got close enough to have my picture made with a camel, but I didn't ride...

took copious notes.  Who knows?  Maybe someday, somehow, I will use my memories of that special trip as a thread in a contemporary storyline…  In the meantime, I’ll keep waiting on the LORD to give me more words.  He is faithful…  and I’m still grateful that I was able to make the trip.  He brought all the details and pieces of the puzzle together to make it happen.  In ways I’m not sure how to explain, it changed me.  I am blessed.

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