t. elizabeth renich

author of historical fiction

About the Author

TElizabethRenich B-WT. ELIZABETH RENICH is the author of the SHADOWCREEK CHRONICLES, a series of four historically-based novels set against the backdrop of the American Civil War.  Ms. Renich’s research repeatedly brought her to the East Coast while digging for accurate information.  Those research trips became a contributing factor in her decision to make a move from her native California to Charlotte, North Carolina following a five-season stint (1992-1997) as Secretary to the Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers.  In 2004, Ms. Renich fulfilled her dream of moving to Northern Virginia, where she joined the Washington Redskins as the Administrative Assistant for Defense and Special Teams.  At present, Ms. Renich happily finds herself living less than 20 miles from where her stories were initially set at Chantilly.

In addition to her interest in the Civil War and football, some of Ms. Renich’s favorite things include reading, writing, photography, NASCAR races, and scrapbooking.  Her decision to take up horseback riding was a direct result of her studies of the Southern Cavalry.  A six-day/84-mile trail ride through Connemara (County Galway, Ireland) in the summer of 2003 gave her a keen appreciation for what cavalrymen might have felt like after living in their saddles for hours on end.  Extensive research has taken her to battlefields, graveyards, museums, library archives, and assorted historical sites in California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Maryland, West Virginia, Alaska, North Dakota, and Montana.  While she writes, Ms. Renich often listens to movie soundtracks such as “Braveheart”, “Last of the Mohicans”, and “Gettysburg”; Civil War period music; or traditional Scottish and Irish tunes.

The greatest influences on her writing career came from her Senior Composition teacher in high school along with the head football coach, who was also her U.S. History teacher.  She inherited her love of books and reading from her father.  She’s been known to frequent bookstores and libraries; her mother retired from the Orange County Public Library system and other relatives possess ties to writing and the publishing industry.

Ms. Renich has conducted writing workshops in conjunction with book signings (Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders) and has been invited to address a variety of groups including Home School Associations, the Public Library of Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, the Stuart-Mosby Historical Society, the Maj. E.A. Ross Camp #1453 of the SCV, the Chester, South Carolina 4-H Horse Club, Liberty University in Lynchburg, and most recently the Richmond Branch of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  Her speaking engagements also include elementary, junior high, and high school classes in Virginia and California.  She has been a featured author at the annual Conference for Women and the Civil War (1999-2001), a member novelist of The Writer’s Brigade (2000), and has received honorable mention in articles appearing in the San Diego Union-Tribune, The Sporting News, the Writer’s Corner (a Kentucky home school-based magazine), and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Future projects may eventually compel Ms. Renich to try her hand at non-fiction writing, but she’s not giving up on fictional storytelling just yet.  One of her long-range goals is to visit all 50 states prior to her fiftieth birthday.  She dreams of seeing her series perhaps being turned into a mini-series one day…

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