t. elizabeth renich

author of historical fiction



Book I of The Shadowcreek Chronicles

In the summer of 1862, the War Between the States raged through Northern Virginia…

It was the summer when Salina Hastings had her sixteenth birthday, and Jeremy Barnes returned from California.  It was the summer that Ethan, Salina’s older brother, asked Taylor Sue Carey to be his wife… not long before the day the Rebels and Yankees clashed in the Battle of Chantilly.

 Salina inherited a keen sense of adventure from her father, a Confederate captain and spy.  As the war drags on, the powers of loyalty and survival eventually draw Salina into risking her life in the service of her father’s “Network”.  Despite the dangers, Salina gathers her courage to do what she can to bring back the days she loved… days with her family, her friends, and Jeremy.

 Captain Duncan Grant, a secret agent of the Union, is assigned to stop the flow of information to the South.  His orders take him on a search for the leader of this circle of Southern civilian spies.  Captain Grant’s search is for information as well as for anyone who might be able to lead him to the documents he must recover for the North.

 With a rare and powerful glimpse of American history, WORD OF HONOR is a saga of life, death, love and courage in a divided land.

ISBN 1-883002-10-9 / 299 pages / © 1994 T. Elizabeth Renich

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