t. elizabeth renich

author of historical fiction



Book II of The Shadowcreek Chronicles

The icy winter of 1862 finds General Robert E. Lee battling against the Army of the Potomac…

The raging Civil War has created a stage upon which true character of heart will be tried and revealed.  In this unfolding drama of conflict, the Hastings family struggles between life and death, loyalty and disloyalty, hope for a future and the dark knowledge that life will never be the same.  These are days in which each decision will bring honor or dishonor, trust or distrust, truth or deception.

Risking her life, Salina Hastings has kept her word of honor to her father, her loved ones and to a struggling Confederacy by delivering secret documents to a rebel contact in San Francisco.  Wanting only to return to her family and beloved Virginia, she instead faces the darkness of Alcatraz and a treacherous journey back east only to find herself caught between the threat of execution as a Confederate spy and a deep loyalty to all that is dear to her.

Finally reunited, Salina and Jeremy find their relationship sorely tried by questionable loyalties, misplaced doubts, miscommunication, and deliberate lies as they weather the War Between the States.  Trust in God and in one another is the only way their future together can withstand the turmoil they encounter.

Set against the turbulence of crucial battles and raids in America’s Civil War, MATTER OF TRUST will draw readers closer to the members of the Hastings family as their story continues…


ISBN 1-883002-14-1 / 335 pages / © 1995 T. Elizabeth Renich

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