t. elizabeth renich

author of historical fiction


Not Without Courage Cover

Book III of the Shadowcreek Chronicles

In the spring of 1863, General J.E.B. Stuart is in command of nearly 10,000 Rebel Cavalrymen…

It was spring, when the orchards of Shadowcreek would have been carpeted with soft petals freshly fallen from the apple trees.  In Culpeper Court House, where Salina Hastings now finds herself, it’s hard to believe in spring.  Not even an invitation to the Officer’s Ball and the rarity of her betrothed, Jeremy Barnes’, company can take away the deep chill of the icy winter past.

Unable to wait on dreams postponed by yet another campaign, Salina makes a reluctant journey north to Pennsylvania, only to find herself caught squarely in the path of two converging armies and a horrifying three-day battle at Gettysburg — a battle that would come to be known as the High Water Mark of the Confederacy.  Working side by side with her brother, Ethan, an Assistant Surgeon with the Medical Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, Salina does all she can to aid the wounded and the dying.

Stranded in enemy territory, Salina finds the measure of daring necessary to continue helping her fellow Rebels, but as the armies disperse, she must face a new challenge that will require all the courage she can muster.  She must count the personal cost of battle.

NOT WITHOUT COURAGE is the engaging drama of a Confederate family’s personal battle for survival, honor and courage in the midst of one of the fiercest battles in history.

 *Not Without Courage – San Diego Public Library Local Author Medallion Winner (1996)

ISBN 1-883002-32-X / 343 pages / © 1996 T. Elizabeth Renich

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