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author of historical fiction


Strength & Glory Cover

Book IV of the Shadowcreek Chronicles

The fall of 1864 finds Mosby’s Rangers in a violent clash with Sheridan’s Cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley…

The nature of the fighting between the Confederacy and the Union has changed drastically from a once “gentlemanly conflict” to an all-out war of brutal treachery.  Measured in terms of human life, the costly battles, lightening-quick raids, and secret missions effect the beginning of the end of the War Between the States, as Preisdent Lincoln finally finds a commander in Ulysses S. Grant who will fight Robert E. Lee without mercy.

Homecoming at her family’s estate is nothing like what Salina Rose Hastings Barnes had ever imagined it could be.  She returns to her native Virginia as a young wife and expectant mother, only to find that the place she holds so dear has been razed by order of Yankee Major John Barnes.  Corrupted by a festering, decades-old vendetta, Barnes has sworn to annihilate not only the entire Hastings family, but also Salina’s husband, Captain Jeremy Barnes.  The love Jeremy and Salina have for each other, combined with their faith in the Almighty, supplies them with the strength needed to endure trials that imperial their very lives.

Unable to participate as actively as she once did in the Remnant, a civilian spy ring organized by her late father, Salina limits her war effort to nursing in a Richmond hospital and knitting socks for Southern soldiers.  As belief in the Cause crumbles and notions of glorious victory elude the struggling Confederacy, Salina dreams of life with Jeremy beyond the war, and hopes to solve a painful mystery by discovering the identity of Jeremy’s true father.  When all is said and done, Jeremy and Salina can testify that all things work together for God’s people, and that He alone is worthy of the glory and honor for the great things He has done.

STRENGTH AND GLORY depicts the joys and woes of the Hastings family and their struggle to overcome the upheaval induced by America’s Civil War.  Irrevocably changed, they all must come to terms with applying the lessons history has imposed upon them.

 *Strength and Glory was nominated for the 2000 John Esten Cooke Historical Fiction Award and Gettysburg College’s Lincoln Prize.

ISBN 1-883002-40-0 / 416 pages / © 2000 T. Elizabeth Renich

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